Catherine Rattray

Founder and Principal

Letters (quals): LLB (Hons)

How do you take your hot drinks? Self confessed coffee addict who needs half a cow in the cup

Sum up your day to day activities:

I much prefer drafting documents and researching various topics on a morning, I touch base with the outside world in the afternoon. Much of my time on files is spent supporting clients and discussing their needs, I also devote a lot of a time to training and mentoring people who work for me. In the evenings I spend a couple of hours working, if anyone has an urgent problem they generally know they can find me on the end of an email whatever the time of day.

Professional areas of interest/geek-ery:

In the renewable sector I have a large focus on aviation issues and finance, I have also studied financial modelling and carbon offsetting. I also receive requests to study proposed legislation and ministerial statements, it has been very interesting to see the difference between public perception and what is actually proposed.

I believe that smart grids and virtual power stations will be very much part of our future going forward and I am committed to being part of that revolution.

In general property terms you will find me studying planning applications with a fine toothcomb and looking into the public sector lately I have been reading council constitutions and looking in particular at the disparity between planning officers powers in different councils.


I always used to write Equestrianism on my cv but actually this is a play on words (what else would you expect!) I have a very big hobby breeding sport horses and own two stallions. I am also a very big fan of cars, lorries and trains that’s all I’m going to say!


Leanne Dunning

Leanne Dunning


How do you take your hot drinks? Flat white from Costa

Sum up your day to day activities:

Leanne is our receptionist and first port of call for all incoming enquiries. Leanne also manages all of the practice's online marketing and social media.

Hobbies: Leanne also runs her own business providing sweet carts and chocolate fountains for weddings and parties. This often involves bringing sweets to the office - we're not complaining!. 01653 919 606


Daniel Reeves

Conveyancing Assistant

How do you take your hot drinks? Coffee, from Costa in a little cup.

Sum up your day to day activities:
Dealing with incoming queries from clients or from opposing solicitors over the phone and via email and responding to these. Drafting responses to queries, processing Land Registry documentation and dealing with Local Searches. Dealing with property matters, large or small from the first phone call to completion.

Hobbies: Riding my motorbike and attending folk music festivals. 01653 691 992



Rachel Swales


Letters (quals): AAT Level 3

How do you take your hot drinks? Plenty of milk and sugar

Sum up your day to day activities:

8:30-1:00 checking, caring for, riding and organising 20 horses 1:00-5:30 Day to day accounting including sending and receiving client money, raising and paying invoices, VAT returns, PAYE

Professional areas of interest/geek-ery:

I love numbers! Find a great sense of happiness/relief when the numbers balance.


Running and long distance military style obstacle courses (Tough Mudder). 01653 695 967

Allen Bailey

Allen Bailey


How do you take your hot drinks?

Not fussy so long as it's not in a chipped cup, not too strong or weak, has no sugar and plenty of milk.

Sum up your day to day activities:

Allen deals with all of our Family Law enquiries ranging from Divorce to arrangements for children.

Professional areas of interest/geek-ery:

Allen gets a great deal of satisfaction when clients come to us with problems that seem insurmountable to them, and leave with a resolution, and able to move on with their lives.


DIY and Squash 08455 195 295


Norma Sheep

Company Mascot

Letters (quals): BSc Hons in awesomeness

How do you take your drinks? In a large wine glass

Sum up your day to day activities:

Generally walk around in a field a munching on some grass, I would like to say a big thank you to the Spectrum team for sponsoring me .

Professional areas of interest/geek-ery:

Connoisseur of the best types of farm grass, wine expert.

Spectrum charity sponsorship

Spectrum is proud to support Meanwood Valley Urban Farm in Leeds. Through its involvement in a ‘plant a tree’ scheme, Spectrum realised that MVUF needed another sheep and sponsored Norma, a Ryeland Ewe, to help maintain the farm’s herd. MVUF is a very worthwhile charity providing not only a welcome green space in the middle of Leeds but also very valuable training opportunities for all comers from young adults with learning disabilities to schools and colleges.