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Let us take the hassle out of buying or selling a property. Moving house (or business for that matter) is one of the most stressful life experiences, even for seasoned ‘pros’. At Spectrum we can reduce the stress by:

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No Hidden Costs

We try to include all search fees & possible disbursements in our quotes so there are no nasty surprises. We’d rather be honest, instead of quoting an artificially low price. Naturally, there are times when fees cannot be predicted, but we’ll always let inform you asap if this occurs & why.

We all live and work within 10 miles of our office in the centre of Malton. We have our offices in Malton as they are at least half the price of equivalent premises in York.

This means that you are paying for our expertise and service rather than funding fancy premises, expensive business rates and the heating and lighting. By keeping our overheads down we have been able to invest in our staff, nearly all of whom have been trained from the bottom up by ourselves.

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Communication is Key

We actually TALK to our clients! (or email or write you letters – however you want to receive our communications) We also work closely with estate agents, especially if there are any snags – we’d rather work proactively to find a solution than play the ‘blame game’ which is endemic in the industry. We are always looking for ways to streamline the conveyancing process so you only have to give information out once.

All of our team are local and friendly. We are happy to take the time to explain any terms or parts of the process that are confusing. Our team are experts, but they also communicate in plain English so that you can make informed decisions and know exactly what is going on. We also provide helpful information in a variety of formats on our website, and you can even instruct us online.

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We are Quick

Some of our own team at Spectrum have moved house recently so they have first-hand experience of why speed is so important in this sort of transaction.

We know how stressful and costly delays can be, especially if you are being chased by an agent and aren’t being kept in the loop.

Time really is money when it comes to moving house, having more certainty about when things are likely to happen also puts your mind at ease.

Our quickest transaction, to date, has been two weeks! As you’re speaking to experts we can resolve issues quickly. We know we can knock the socks off the competition in terms of speed and quality.

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Dealing with the Experts

We only do property so you can guarantee that the team dealing with your transaction are up to date with industry and regulatory changes. Your case is with by a dedicated and expert team of solicitors and secretaries not conveyancing ‘executives’ so you will receive advice from the people most qualified to give it. Solicitors are some of the most regulated businesses in the UK so you are also well covered from a regulator and insurance point of view.

You will speak to the same two people, who will handle your case from instruction to completion, so you will always be speaking to someone who is familiar with your circumstances – rather than having to explain it every time.