Corporate Social Responsibility. There, we said it! But we're not corporate, we're a local SME so let's just call it being a responsible business by doing the RIGHT thing.

We've always been happy to support local causes on an ad hoc basis, and we've re published those Santa Run photos as they never get old! However, we haven't always been the best at shouting about the good work we do, and this page aims to address that. 

We're also stepping up our environmental efforts, as part of the Circular Malton initiative and we'll post details on this page and social media so you can follow our journey. It's not always easy to know where to start or what you can do, as a small business, to combat climate change. We hope our journey will help othe Malton businesses to get involved too.

Our  plans to be more environmentally conscious in 2020 include;

  • Sourcing high quality recycled paper to replace our existing supply - as you can imagine we get through a lot!
  • Sourcing environment friendly cleaning products
  • Working with other local businesses to recycle our trade waste - especially carboard (if you're interested too please contact us)
  • Encouraging all staff to use refillable cups for our daily coffee run

We also support Circular Malton and Norton